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ATL Skills & Social Emotional Learning in the IB PYP

The IB PYP Approaches to Learning Skills present opportunity for a complete social emotional learning experience which we design to accommodate the needs of our elementary learners. With a whole child approach, our programme connects the ATL skills with the attributes of our Learner Profile and ensures that the fundamental needs of being human are as important as the academic. Consider how the attributes of our Learner Profile fit within the whole child.

Consider how the attributes of a learner fit within the whole child.[/caption] In our goal to develop well-rounded, self-directed thinkers & inquirers, we have an entire programme of inquiry that we design to provide explicit lessons and learning experiences to teach critical SEL skills that the children can transfer across the entire year.
Within the IB PYP Social skills and Self-management Skills, our transdisciplinary approach enables lessons and activities targeting skills for understanding emotions,...
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Easing Into Mindfulness in the IB PYP

[caption id="attachment_10297" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Meet Karen Myrick, certified mindfulness practitioner and IB PYP teacher.[/caption]

I am thrilled to have Karen Myrick, IB PYP teacher and certified mindfulness coach, as my guest writer for this article. I met Karen through Instagram @themindfulteacher.co, as she shared her strategies for introducing a mindfulness practice into her classroom.

Karen has since developed many resources for bringing this important self-management sub-skill into our daily classroom routines. As important, she has also developed mindfulness supports specifically for us as teachers.

Ask yourself, how much do you actually model a mindfulness practice as much as you model being a lifelong learner and inquirer?

As you read through Karen's story, I have no doubt you may be able to relate to some parts of her story. If youre looking for a mindfulness practice to help you on a personal level, as well as some simple and easy to implement...

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Developing Mindfulness within the IB PYP


To get straight to the point: mindfulness belongs in the classroom. As an IB PYP teacher, I approach teaching through a philosophy that centres on the child and the development of the whole child. This philosophy resonates with my own beliefs for educating our children to become avid questioners with the skills and strategies and confidence to try to find out for themselves. I nurture a sense of wonder and a strong belief in self. With this sense of self, I have to understand how to develop this awareness of self within the children and how I can guide them towards understanding who they are as unique individuals and also as learners. Mindfulness has been added to the updated IB PYP Approaches to Learning Skills. Specifically, you can now find it under the skill of Self-Management.  In order to best serve the children, I first needed to understand exactly what this "mindfulness" thing was.

I'm lucky to be a part of our close-knit community of international inquiry teachers on...

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