Mindfulness in the Classroom

Mindfulness. It seems to be another of those words that is making the rounds lately. Mindfulness. To me there are so many takes on the word and I feel that it is one of those trends that we do within the IB PYP anyway. I was curious as to how the children perceived this word and so, I asked. 

The responses were eye-opening really. Thankfully, many of the kids referred to the IB Attitudes, since we are constantly using this language and philosophy in school. It surrounds them.

Practicing Mindfulness

An Attitude of Appreciation.

A plan of action was to become aware of what we were thankful for amongst each other. We began to notice how we  could help one another with random acts of kindness that really were small and otherwise unnoticed. Simple thing such as complimenting one another, passing an eraser, smiling across the room. This was facilitated with Compliment Coupons. The children really learned to recognize the goodness that was all around them .

Quiet Time: Intentional thinking outdoors

Learning to be present in the moment is a constant challenge in this fast paced life. Teaching the children to literally stop and smell the roses allows them to see that this pause can really help with stress release and relaxation. We tried a few different techniques, simple to implement. Things that I PRACTISE myself, Finally, practising what I preach . 
Breathing in for 8 seconds and out is said to release stress immediately. 
We took a minute of silence to be in the moment and listen to everything around us. Intentional thinking is how I describe to my kids. Being in the moment.
Lying back on the grass and looking at the shapes of the clouds changing, What do you see? 
Bringing the classroom outside as often as is possible: reading quietly, math outdoors, community walk

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