Developing Thinkers & Inquirers in the Early Years IB PYP


The early years in the IB PYP can be a whole new experience for teachers new to student-led inquiry. It is a beautiful mix of play-based exploration,  guiding invitations leading to inquiry and  provoking wonder all led by the children's natural curiosity.

I do not profess to be an expert with this age-group. Having never taught in an early years classroom, it amazes me when I see creative early years teachers working their magic and bringing the elements of the PYP seamlessly into practice with our youngest learners.

Common Challenges

I often hear from early years teacher-facilitators that their challenges include questioning and developing this skill with the children.  Such struggles include:

  • How do I get the children to ask meaningful questions?
  • How can we use thinking strategies with such young children?
  • They can't  read or write, how do I plan for inquiries?
  • They're too young to ask good questions.

Perhaps you can relate to one or a few? Well, I am delighted to be able to bring you some solutions to your struggles.  Actually, I'm delighted to be sharing two experienced and  incredibly creative early years inquiry teachers, from Turkey. The video below shares a wealth of ideas, from these two inspirational early years educators.

Solutions & Strategies

Dilek and Alona have been sharing their concept-based, student-led inquiry ideas on Instagram for almost a year now. They have a beautiful synergy working between the IB PYP and Reggio inspired education. Their account is quite simply @Reggio.inspired.PYP    Even the title of their account sums up their approach succinctly. :) I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with them recently, as they shared their thoughts on developing thinkers and inquirers with our littlest students.  The video below is an hour of conversation that was inspirational, intriguing and so very informative. I do hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Alona and Dilek from @Reggio.inspired.PYP. 

Remember that you can find many more of these successful strategies and suggestions from the ladies on Instagram. Check out their account today.

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P.S. If you'd like some more practical suggestions for developing questioning skills, you can read this article that explains another easy and practical tool I call, "Question Sticks" Click right here. 


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