Concepts vs. Topics: Bringing clarity for IB PYP teachers

Concepts vs. Topics: Let's Get clear.

In Module 1, Lesson 2 of my online professional development course, Essentials for Inquiry: Getting Started with Student-Led Inquiry, I dive into bringing inquiry teachers an understanding all about conceptual teaching and learning. As an inquiry teacher, it's that important to have this fundamental understanding right from the beginning because we approach our teaching through a transdisciplinary lens, and it is through those concepts that the children are able to make their meaning far more enduring, transferring this understanding across disciplines, time and place. As we plan conceptual learning experiences for and with the students, we want their learning to have this authenticity and the scope for expansion as they begin to make those rich connections, forming meaning for themselves. In this article, I'm delighted to be sharing teacher-author, Misty Paterson, as she helps to uncover the difference between concepts and topics.  The following video from our recent LIVE chat on Facebook, brings amazing insight, as Misty shares her strategies from her new book, Pop-Up Studio.

"A hands-on pedagogical process and platform that combines critical concepts, compelling materials, and dynamic experiences to spark curiosity and make learning more meaningful and memorable with our students—anywhere, anytime. " Misty Paterson

You can find out more about Misty's book, Pop-Up Studio, on her website,

Prepare yourself to be fully engaged as you learn more about the what, why and how of concept-based inquiry. This conversation last about an hour and is FULL of good stuff!  So, get comfortable, grab a pen and a notebook and enjoy!

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