2nd FREE Video-Inquiry Teacher Training! Developing Conceptual Thinkers


Welcome back! And if you’re just showing up….welcome! I have had an overwhelming response to video number 1! I’m beyond grateful for everyone who commented, sent me private messages and all in all, expressed thanks. I feel incredibly thankful to be a part of such a fabulously supportive, global community of teachers.

Video number 2 is here! Following on from training video number 1, where I introduce the idea of using concepts within teaching and learning, I’ll now go on to give you some practical ideas for developing conceptual thinkers.

These videos are a snapshot of my new online professional development course, Essentials for Inquiry: Getting Started with Inquiry-Based Teaching, which I shall be releasing SOON! I receive so very many questions from teachers all around the world and this course is designed to get you off to an effective start from planning, through the inquiry process, to assessment. It comes complete with lesson suggestions and ready-made resources. I’m pretty  excited about

For now, you can download a great graphic organiser that works with ANY subject or inquiry from the PDF that goes with video 2 here.  Video number 3 shall be coming out in the next few days, where I shall be sharing a HUGE part of every inquiry-based classroom. Don’t miss out! Add your e mail to the box below and it shall drop conveniently into your in box very soon.

And so without further ado, I present video 2.


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