Steps to Getting Started with the IB PYP Inquiry


Are you new or newish to inquiry-based teaching? Or, are you confused about the process behind facilitating an inquiry? Within the IB PYP, we are presented with multiple inquiry strategies and processes that begin with the IB PYP planner. It isn’t surprising that many of us are confused in the beginning and sometimes even lost. I want you to know several things right now:

  1. There is more than one RIGHT way to bring inquiry into your classroom.
  2. Regardless of the myriad of processes, they all come down to the same steps.
  3. Inquiry isn’t linear. It will get messy. (We will chat more about that  later.)
  4. You are NOT alone! We have an incredible community of international teachers who have been in your shoes and are willing to help and support.  I’d love to have you join us. Head over to Instagram and say, “Hi!”. 

If you’re still wondering what all the fuss is with inquiry-based teaching, this article gives you 10 reasons why you should develop an inquiry-based classroom. For today however, let’s focus on those basic simple steps that will get you started.


                                                Get Inquiry Started with Simple Steps

I want to share my Instagram friend Lidia with you. And I have the replay of our LIVE chat as she walls us through her process. You can find that video below. 

Lidia is a grade 4 teacher in Canada. Her blog, The Art of Inquiry, is a treasure trove of practical, hands on inquiry info! She doesn’t work for an IB school and this, my friends, is why I wanted to bring her to your attention. Regardless of the format of your inquiry-based school, we ALL follow the same basic steps through the inquiry process. I was so impressed with Lidia’s easy-to-follow planner and her hands-on examples that I just HAD to share with you.  Her article is AMAZING! 


                                             Meet Lidia, inquiry teacher at


                                         8 step planner for getting started with ANY inquiry.


 Lidia’s article walks you through these simple steps  following the provocation, providing practical strategies and real-life examples. She also has an easy to use planner that offers structure and will guide you through the co-planning process. This is easy to implement at ANY grade level and for ANY inquiry! I would definitely use it with my kids in preparation for their PYP Exhibition. I highly recommend you take a look.

I absolutely wanted to get this information into the hands of inquiry teachers everywhere and so I invited Lidia onto Instagram to share her simple step-by-step process. Just click this link to watch.


                                            Click the picture to watch our LIVE interview.


P.S. Did you know that I have an online course exactly for those who are getting to grips with inquiry? Essentials for Inquiry: Getting Started with Student-Led Inquiry has you covered from planning student-led inquiry all the way through to assessment. Take a look and, as always, reach out with any questions. Chat soon. xx

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