Lost in the Right Direction- New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year!

For those who know me, it's not unusual for the restlessness to kick in and spark my wanderlust. I returned to Colorado only 18 months ago, after dragging my teenagers around for a  year in France for heaven's sake! The credit card is still recovering from the costs of shipping furniture across the Atlantic and back again! ( I do NOT recommend shipping your entire household goods, its cheaper to start afresh! But that's a whole other blog post I suppose. ) Yet, here I go again.....planning, planning...my next adventure.

My wings are temporarily clipped however. A promise was made to my teenage children that we wouldn't move again until they graduated high school. So, two years to plan. ? One can come up with a lot of mischief when given two years to think about it.

Keep in mind, when I travel, it isn't for a two week package tour, although nothing wrong with that if that's your preference. Oh no. I'm more of the "shut up shop for a year or so" mindset, and off we go! Nothing simple.

Dream Boards: It is Good to Edit One's Life.

In order to keep the dreams alive and keep my focus on the direction that I am heading, I create a Dream Board. A Dream Board is a magnificent list of pictures, a visual of  what it is that you are aiming towards.  I came across Dream Boards a long time ago, through a man called John Assaraf. You may recognise his name as one of the speakers from the book and DVD called, The Secret.Well, I am now onto my 10th dream board. It can take any form that is most comfortable for you. I use it as a visual checklist and also as a way of keeping the dream alive, if you wish. Whilst we are dreaming of goals in the future, it is also important to appreciate life in the present. My dream boards represent short term goals as well as my longer term targets.

Creating Your Dream Board

I begin by looking through a selection of magazines. It is fabulous to take the time for yourself and prepare a warm drink of tea or a cool glass of wine as you are flipping through glossy pictures.   Cutting out the pictures that symbolize what it is that I am aiming for, I create a collage of my dreams and goals by gluing the pictures onto a large sheet of cardstock or poster board.  You can be glamorous and opulent or simple and to the point. It is your board and they are your dreams. Think big! There are many websites that can help you with this process, if that is your preference. Dreamitalive.com is one that I have used in the past. Also, I particularly like the kit by John Assaraf himself. It comes with a book that I like to make notes in, a DVD and a ton of advice on using the power of intention and visualising to reach your goals. I frequently listen to the DVD when I'm in the car, just another method to keep myself focused and work through the steps that it takes to get me to my goals. You can find  the kit by clicking on the picture.


My 2017 Dream Board

The completed board becomes a tangible tool that is hung where I can see it everyday. In my case, my board, as you can see below, hangs in my bedroom right where I can see it upon waking first thing and just before I close my eyes at night. I also took a photo of it and I use it as my screen saver on my phone. Thus, it is there, very visible and absolutely present, at the forefront of my mind on a daily basis.  Gradually, I put little check marks beside the pictures as I accomplish and meet each target. It is remarkable, when the mind is focused on something, how easy it seems to manifest. I truly appreciate my life as it is today, knowing that I have deliberately created it, whilst still shooting for goals and dreams for tomorrow. As Helen Keller said, " Life is a great adventure, or nothing at all." All the best to you in 2017 and dream on. Enjoy! ~ Susan


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