Essentials for Inquiry

Welcome to PYP Teaching Tools where you will find a host of engaging,inquiry-based strategies & tools that provoke wonder,develop skills that will lead your students through conceptual understanding.

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PYP Teaching Tools

Explore the showcase of tailored classroom tools for student-led inquiry, spanning all age groups. These tools are meticulously designed to foster skill development, encourage agency, and enhance conceptual understanding. Join in unlocking the potential of every student through innovative educational resources aligned with the inquiry-based framework.


Professional Development

Essentials for Inquiry: Getting Started with Student-Led Inquiry is a self-paced online course providing 12+ hours of professional development. With your own library you have lifetime access to the comprehensive video training and tons of classroom materials.

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The Blog

You can find so many practical ideas for developing student-led inquiry from the blog. From provocation all the way through to assessment & reflection, these tips & tools are ready for you to put into practice today!


READY TO LEARN MORE? is jam-packed full of practical strategies and ideas for bringing the best inquiry-based practices to your classroom. From provocation to assessment & reflection ...for all age levels.


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