Learner Profile- Reflective

It’s that time of year again isn’t it? When we look back on the year gone by, reflect upon what we accomplished, what we procrastinated with and everything in between.

I began 2015 living in France and I’m ending it living in Colorado. It never fails to amaze me how much can be squeezed into one year. 
Reflection: a part of the IB PYP Learner Profile that really is used daily. My goal for this current school year was to make my kiddos more aware of reflection and how we use a LOT in our day to day learning. 
I’ve successfully incorporated reflection into our math journals and our goal setting within our writing and our editing. You can see some examples of this above. 
My next venture falling under the Reflection title, yet also adding in the IB Attitude of Appreciation, is to take our reflecting into a more personal direction and less about the lessons of the day. 


My goal is to have the children reflect several times a week on three major areas ( to begin with) ; Friendship, Learning and Caring. I want them to think about what saw, felt and experienced based on one of those three things. For example: I learned that I can do division  or Sam and Jane helped me to pick up my snack that spilled or I played with the new kid at recess. This not only focuses on looking back but also helps the children to learn about gratitude in life. I’m hoping that as we reflect on our week by pulling the tickets from our reflection jar, there will be an overall feeling of community and unity within our class. This may also lead to a rather interesting writing prompt too tying in the IB Attitudes and the Learner Profile. 

I have created tickets for the children to fill in. These are FREE in my TpT store if you’d like to join us on this journey.
Please do comment and let me know how it goes with your class. And I’m more than open to suggestions to add to our Reflection Jar. 

Happy New Year to all! 


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