Facilitating the PYP in France

I’M BACK!!!! I have not blogged since June and it feels good to be back in the swing, if not least for the fact that life must be returning to some sense of “normal”. (As I progress, you will understand my ease of adding quotation marks around the word “normal”.)

Since June, I have packed up one house, moved, unpacked that house, two weeks later, packed up three bedrooms of this “new” house for our next international move. Then we were living in the skeletal remains of what was a fully furnished three bedroom home over-looking the Rocky Mountains and sits on 4 incredibly breath-taking acres. (Literally, its up a hill at almost 9000 feet) The “newer” house, is a 900 square foot apartment in France’s second city, Lyon, overlooking the new IB school I shall be working in. And all of this with two teenagers in tow! Brave or stupid? Still pondering that one!!! 
With another year soon beginning, we use our much sought after time off to plan our first few weeks.

If you have students new to the Primary Years Programme or you yourself are new to to the International Baccalaureates PYP, then these next few weeks will be useful as I go over a few ideas I have for implementing the basics- the key concepts, trans disciplinary skills, attitudes and learner profile. These suggestions are meant to build an understanding within the children and show them how each is tied together and used daily.
Examples of my complete units of inquiry, covering every IB PYP theme:

To assist with reading comprehension, you can find eye catching posters to use as teaching tools and classroom displays , in my stores. The strategies and skills are reinforced with matching activities. 

Enjoy ! 


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