ATTENTION! Teacher Error!

Teachers are adored as well as disliked. From the average 7 year old, the adoration exudes as they look up to us (literally) and we are their hero. By the time that 7 year old reaches age 14, then they look upon us as one may look at something nasty requiring to be scraped off a shoe. Regardless of age, we are expected NOT to make mistakes. However, we are human. And, being both a teacher and a human, I too, make mistakes. In fact, in my most recent blog post, I raved about the New Generation Science Standards when in actual fact, my raving should have been about the NEXT Generation Science Standards! Aargh!!! Apologies to the NGSS folks for messing up the plug!

How I felt after I realized my faux pas!!!

Moving On….to 4th Grade

And so it is to be, that I am to become a 4th grade teacher for the first time since 1992! Yes, I am THAT dinosaur!! 
As I expand my repertoire once more, I’m excited to delve into the 4th grade  Programme of Inquiry. Space, Animal Classification, immigration, and Government….oh yes. Watch this space- you know I’ll be an inquiry creating maniac.


ME…..AGAIN!! Feeling the heat as the day is looming towards our Exhibition!!

Meanwhile, the fun and games continues as my 5th grade and I are knee deep in our Exhibition preparation.
So far, we have had numerous specialists and experts talking to us on the “light” subjects of animal exploitation, USA health care issues, Drug and Alcohol abuse in Colorado in light of the new marijuana laws just for starters! Yes, these kids are looking at the theme of Sharing the Planet with the central idea of how patterns from the past can help us to predict the future. They picked the issues!!!!!
With only two and half weeks to go, we are in full throttle. Stay tuned!


~ Susan

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