Extreme Weather-Elementary Science

Who knew Australia also had many tornados? The things you learn from 11 year olds.

Yup, we are still in a science kick! Last week we were Zoologists and biologists. This week, our “ology” has shifted to meteorology.

Our current unit of inquiry is the theme of How the World Works, with the central idea looking at the question of does global warming impact our weather? 
Besides looking at informational text, analyzing cool documentaries and forming our opinions on this matter, we dived into some very fun experiments too. 
More hands on experiments, allowed the children to hypothesize, discuss and find possible variables and altogether learn through their group inquiries. It was cool to see how the vortex worked with very particular specifications, thus eliminating certain hypotheses and clarifying our learning. 
We recorded the data as a written report with diagrams. 

After changing one variable at a time, this group managed to create a vortex and word spread rapidly. Soon, we ALL had the cool spinning thing going on! We had many more fun experiments that led to questioning and inquiry. 
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