Animal Adaptations:The Science Continues

Ew! Who knew? Owls swallow their prey whole. And they eat other birds! The things you learn from dissecting owl pellets. 

This fun inquiry was a part of our on- going science unit about structural and behavioural adaptations if animals. 
The kids began by turning their noses up at the thought of touching ” owl vomit” and tentatively poked at the fur covered pellets with toothpicks. Until….they saw a miniature bone sticking out…with TEETH attached! Oh yeh! It was suddenly very hands on as they got stuck in. 
Skulls, claws, tiny beaks, feathers and perfectly formed femurs could be found. Inferring mice and small birds as the staple diet of these owls, the kids were fascinated and it made my heart smile. This is why I do what I do. I love my job!! 

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