Zoologists or biologists?

Yes, really Mr and Mrs Parent. I do indeed have your child with their hands stuck  in a pound of vegetable fat! We are scientists! All in the name of science!  

The 5th grade science test is looming large and the pressure is most certainly on. With 9 weeks to go, I am beginning with the vocabulary and science of animal adaptations. Does that make us zoologists or biologists?

Inquiring Into Animal Adaptations: 

These stations were a part of our science lab last week. We were inquiring into the structural adaptations animals use to help them survive in their environment. We looked at blubber, claws, different sizes and shapes of beaks and bills, eyes on the side of our head versus eyes on the front and, from all of this, we came up with our conclusions as to how these adaptation would benefit an animal and suggested reasons and possible habitats. It was fun and funny!

Hands in blubber protected us from the bucket of ice.
Who knew eyes on the side of your head could be such a handicap?
My boys trying to pick up small cubes, lentils and gummy worms, using different shaped tongs as birds beaks.

Picking up small items with long claws proves challenging, but boy, can they dig into soft “flesh” (bread).!

And so, this week, we will continue with our inquiry into animal adaptions, this time creating our own animal, based upon a specified habitat and a problem-solving scenario. The kids will have to work collaboratively, design their “perfect” animal based upon their knowledge of structural and behavioral adaptations AND the specific facts given. 

Watch this space!

~ Susan

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