New Year, New Math Skills

And so we begin yet another year. All over the world people use this time as a new beginning, to set new goals or review existing ones. I am no stranger to this. 

Being very goal driven, I have set this year as my year to actually use my gym membership once more rather than simply donate monthly!! For those who know, my knees have been my big issue this past year. They are finally complaining about the decades of abuse I have put them through, through trail running and weight training. Now however, Im (literally) weighing the difference between pain-free knees, low impact exercise options and my widening waist line. The balance has tipped in favor of the low impact exercise option since Im not liking the effects of ZERO exercise on my waistline!  I also have vowed to become more organised within my classroom. ( this would be an annual goal!) Specifically, keeping track of the CCSS standards I have taught and having the children keep track of this skills they feel confident with. I have found many great ideas on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. Simply type in the search bar CCSS and so many resources come spilling forth.

Already halfway through our fifth grade, I am reviewing algebraic expressions with our New Year activity (CCSS 5.OA.1 & 2). The kids have to create a multi-operational equation to come up with the number 2014, using the numbers and operations on the playing cards. There are also expressions card which the children have to solve using their knowledge of the order of operations and braces and parentheses. This can be found on my Teachers Pay Teachers website and Teachers Notebook.

Five Months To Go! 

With only five short months left of school, we are already thinking about the state tests coming up in March, together with our IB PYP Exhibition. This Exhibition is the culmination for the PYP for fifth graders and is a HUGE deal for them…..and us, the teachers! I have a fabulous training coming up with the IBARMS organization, all to do with implementing the exhibition.
Watch this space….. So much to do, so little time! 
Happy New Year! 
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