Free Giveaway! Cramming Planning: Last Days of Winter Break

Surely I cannot be the only teacher who departs for Winter Break, full of great intentions to plan the best month ever, all ready in advance of school starting back in January? Then, before you know it, I am CRAMMING my last weekend of break, planning frantically, wondering where the heck the time went! ( insert, big sigh)

Well, to make it somewhat easier for my fellow procrastinators, I am giving away an awesome math resource from my Teachers Notebook shop! This is a perfect centers activity for reviewing algebraic thinking for 4th,5th and 6th graders, all tying in with the CCSS and 2014. Just follow the link below and like my Facebook page Cool Teaching Tools to enter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway/span>

Snow Forecast for Colorado this Weekend! ( Umm, snow day??) Okay, okay, I know I am pushing my luck! It is TIME to go back to work. I have 27 amazing 5th graders just waiting to try out our science experiements for extreme weather.

We have several amazing experiments coming up: Exploring Tornadoes by creating a vortex, measuring Barometric pressure with our homemade barometers, Creating Rain Clouds and many more. The 5th grade science state test is coming up and my team and I are hitting those science standards hard and heavy for the next 9 weeks. 
Look out for some cool pictures coming up of my kiddos being scientists.

~ Susan

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