Breckenridge:Summer Has Begun

97 Degrees vs. 75 Degrees….No Question!

With Denver at a ridiculous 97 degrees, we packed the car and headed to the mountains of Breckenridge for a week. It is a very civilised 75 degrees, with evenings requiring a sweatshirt. Much more like my cup of tea!

A Brief Summary:

There was a time, about a million years ago, when I was a city girl, living in Glasgow. Now, I much prefer to be far from the madding crowd, traffic and heat. Breckenridge is off season in the summer and so quiet. It almost resembles an old Western ghost town at this time of year. It is exactly what I needed to begin my summer with. Peace, tranquility and cool, mountain temperatures. Our week consisted of a lot of lounging by the pool, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, kayaking through incredibly beautiful mountain lakes, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and hiking up stunning snow-capped peaks. (Are you detecting a theme here?)

The Highest Town in the USA
Alma, at more than 10 000 feet above sea level, is the highest town in the Unites States. It’s not much to look at, being an old mining town, and if you blink driving by, you”ll definitely miss it. But it sure does cater to us espresso lovers and a shot of that dark elixir, with a view of the fourteen thousand foot Quandary Peak, will certainly result in that famed Rocky Mountain High.

Five Finger Summary Planners.

My newest literacy resource is for reading comprehension skills. It focuses on the skill of summarising texts: both ficition and non-fiction. The strategy taught is of using our own five fingers as a planner to recall the steps to summarising both a non-fiction article and a fictitious story. There are posters to display, graphic organizers to reinforce the skill and the strategy and text to use with activities, including fun finger puppets. You can find it in both my TpT store and Teachers Notebook.
I have found this technique to work particularly well with my third graders. Those who are challenged with reading comprehension have a solid and easy strategy right at their fingertips (!!!). 

Moving On and Up to Fifth Grade

Watch this space, as I prepare myself for moving back into the upper realms of the elementary school. I am returning to my role as a fifth grade teacher. I have mixed feelings about this. I really wasn’t given a whole lot of choice and am sad to be leaving my beloved 3rd graders. I taught 3rd grade for only three fun-filled years. However, the benefit is that I know what I am doing with the “big kids”, I will be looping with my previous 3rd graders, whom I loved then and will love all over again as big, bodacious fifth graders. Bring it on, I say!!

~ Susan

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