The Final Countdown

Finishing, Finalising and Fractions

With only, 10 school days to go….yes, very much counting, keeping the kids engaged and enthusiastic requires tenacious patience and lots of creativity. My wee darlings are as ready as their teacher for the summer holidays. It’s an all out battle of beckoning summer fever with finishing up the job.

Bring On the Games!

 Enter, Matching Fractions, Synonyms and Antonyms Bingo and Snap! Homophones games. ( all found in my stores.)

These games can be all be implemented as part of math centers, literacy centers and small guided groups. Each game is completely differentiated for the varying abilities within your classroom.
My kids love them. 
Snap! Homophones Game is FREE in my stores. You can go to either  Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook.
Besides the indoor games, now that the weather is actually looking a lot like spring, here in Colorado, we are also getting out and about as much as possible for any reason I can think of. 
Here are a few of the ideas I have already used,
  • Writing: nature walk, compare and contrast, descriptive writing, 
  • Writing: Looking after the community walk: focus on vandalism, trash etc and using it as a prompt for an opinion/persuasion paragraph
  • Math: geometry walk: identifying angles and shapes within our environment
  • Math: measuring area, perimeter and distance in the playground
  • Art: “gathering” ideas of pattern in our environment and using it to create our own pictures.

Our Final Rainforest Presentations: Promoting Independence

A Poison Dart Frog
A Jaguar

Like a proud mama, I am posting clips from the children’s presentations which we used as their summative assessment of our theme Sharing the Planet:Focusing on Interdependence within the rain forests.

Matching Fractions Game found on TpT

~ Susan

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