Its A Wrap – Last Week of School

Summer is Almost Here!

Hallelujah! Thank goodness I listened to my Mum all those years ago and stuck with my teaching degree! In less than 5 days, I have 11 weeks FREE!!  Well, almost free: me and my two children and our dog will be making the most of our summer, lazy, hazy days. And, my Dad is coming to visit from Scotland! It’s been three years since I last saw him. Very excited! 

Native American Cultural Understanding

How amazing for us. 7% of our school population are of Native American descent. For our current unit of inquiry, Who We Are, we are looking into the attributes that are displayed by various heroes across the globe and across history. Our very gracious speaker, One Paw, spoke of the heroes within his culture and how they helped to shape his childhood beliefs. He then taught us how to make a “Talking Stick”. The finished sticks represent peace, unity and respect for the person holding it. The children were amazingly quiet in their outer curcle, as the stick was passed around the “elders” (read, teachers) of the inner circle. It was a beautiful moment where we all took time to reflect upon what we can be grateful for, in rememberacne of those suffering through the Moore, OK aftermath. 
To every teacher, wherever you are, you are amazing and impact ful on the lives of the children you are entrusted with. 
Have an incredible summer holiday! 
~ Susan 

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