Extra, Extra! Class Size 80!!

Team Teaching Reaches A Whole New Level.

How many third graders can you cram into one single classroom? It would appear 80 is the magic number! Yes, my team mates and I managed to squeeze in 80 third grade students plus 5 staff members into my temporary, SMALLER classroom for a 45 minute lesson. We are well and truly settled in. Our topic? Creating a school newspaper.
Watch this space!

Synonyms and Antonyms Fun Activities

Bingo isn’t just for retired, silver haired old ladies. Oh no. I brought it into third grade.
My newest literacy games focus on language development/ word work and identifying synonyms and antonyms. This fun literacy activity was a hit with my kids. The academic language was used freely and the language within the game just challenging enough that a thesaurus had to be pulled out . This can be found in both my TpT store and my TeachersNotebook shop. It comes with 4 bingo boards and differentiated, color-coded playing cards.

Kids playing Synonyms & Antonyms Bingo

Each person has a bingo board and the cards are placed in the middle of the group. Each player takes turns to pull a card and the group checks to see if they have either a synonym for that word, or an antonym. If they do, then the card is placed on the corresponding square on their bingo board. The winner of the game has to completely fill the bingo board with synonym or antonym cards first. BINGO!


~ Susan

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