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16 Random Things About This Third Grade Teacher

I follow a few blogs as I work my way through this learning curve in Blogger land and I found a few that introduced themselves to their readers through the “random things” list. So, here are 16 random things about this Scottish teacher living in America
1) I currently live in Colorado and I am terrified of skiing downhill.
2) My kids snowboard to live past their mother’s neurosis

3) I rescue delinquent Rottweilers

4) I eat high fat everything without shame
5) As a result of #4, I workout obsessively despite my now complaining knees
6) I have very creative children: my son writes his own music for his violin and my daughter is an artist.

7) I am a natural born wanderer, probably a gypsy in another life.

8) My dream is to return to Europe and farm.

9) I have a thing for llamas!

10) I have broken my arms 9 times, most recently at age 40 by tripping over a boat! (don’t ask!)

11)Standing in a river is my idea of serenity. I fly fish and would like to get better at casting.

12)  l love being a teacher!!!!! But it didn’t begin this way. I got into the job in 1988 because of the holidays and I wanted to travel. (that gyspy thing again)

13) Weaknesses: double cream and Cabernet Sauvignon, not together.

14) I make my own cards.

15) Definitely an early bird rather than a night owl. I cannot function well on less than 8 hours sleep.

16) Every single morning begins with a cup of tea.

And there you have it. Me, summed up in 16 lines.

Moving On to Bizarre Creatures.

As part of our on-going trans-disciplinary unit of inquiry,The Rainforest, we had a blast with this brilliant website called It is both fun and funny.This is FREE and it allows you to create bizarre creatures with various animals’ body parts. Such as the head of a parrot, the body of a lion and the feet of a flamingo. The kids loved it and we spent a good 20 minutes just messing around with it together and laughing.

My Complete Unit can be found in both my TpT store and Teachers’ notebook.

Being the educator that I am, everything leads to a learning moment. This free resource was used as my introduction to developing the content of our writing. We had been focusing on being specific with our nouns and describing using amazing adjectives and figurative language.
First of all, the kids had to create their own crazy creature and then, using their animal as the focus of their writing, they created a word bank and finally planned,drafted, edited and published a descriptive paragraph to describe their very own SwitcherRoo creature.
It was fun. It was engaging. It was a success. Check out our crazy creations. 

WildGoose Education Ltd. 

I wanted to mention the latest company I found. Wildgoose Education Ltd. Or rather they found me on my Facebook page, Cool Teaching Tools. 
This company is based in the United Kingdom and has a lot of FREE, quality resources together with a ton of teaching materials: pictures, photos, lesson plans, books etc to purchase. I especially loved their World War two photos, showing how children in Britain were affected and had to be shipped out of the city and sent off to live with well-meaning strangers in the countryside in order to keep them safe.

The Countdown has Begun.

Only 6 weeks left of school! And yes, I am absolutely counting. 🙂


~ Susan

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