We Are Serious About Our Science

This whole science caper is really being taken seriously with my third graders. We ARE scientists. Every day the kids are checking up on the progress of their terrariums. So far nothing has started to grow in any of them. And the one with a cup of water every other day looks like a swamp to me, but who am I to stunt this diligent inquiry?! The research about the rainfall in our local area compared with the rainfall in the world’s rain forests is coming along wonderfully. Who knew that Colorado has an annual rainfall of 44 inches and  is the 44th wettest state in the USA? The things you learn from 8 year olds.


As we looked into how animals adapt to their environment and how they are interdependent  on the ecosystem in which they live, we were amazed at some of the camouflage tricks of these animals. This led into our art lesson, with a focus on texture as a means of creating the illusion of camouflage in our drawings. I actually got this idea from Pinterest and adapted it to suit. 🙂

Both of these lessons are a part of my complete unit study Sharing the Planet:The Rainforest, Focusing on Interdependence. This unit can be found in both of my shops, Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.


~ Susan

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