Procrastination is the killer of greatness. Or so the saying goes. In my case, procrastination is killing my spare time and resulting in my cramming of our school district, mandatory, English Language Acquisition courses planned for the month of June… summer holiday! (grumble, grumble, complaint, complaint) Of course, I could have done it slowly over the duration of the past 3 years with this school district. Oh well….I did say right at the beginning that I am slow learner!!  

Moving on …..A Summer Bucket List aka Wish List

I’m not sure how I can accomplish swimming with manatees this summer.

Plenty of time on the river with my children is on the list.

I found this cool teaching tool on Pinterest. It is designed for writing but I plan to adapt it for my big third graders.Their website is definitely worth a look since it is FREE!
Using the notion of a Dreamboard, I thought it might be fun to have the kids put together a Wish List for the summer. My plan is to use magazines to cut out pictures which illustrate their wishes. From there, the writing prompts will become authentic to the writers.
I am in the process of creating my own Dreamboard as the example. Obviously, it is censored. Napa Valley will have to wait!

Llamas and Alpacas as Pets? Oh my!

For anyone out there following these tales, you will know that our Poetry month is well underway. We have been focusing on reinforcing figurative language and introducing hyperbole. (“No way on earth!”, I hear you say. !!!!) Well yes. The Spring Poetry workshop has been looking into new
animals in particular. (we can’t really look at Spring flowers here in Colorado because they’re all still covered with SNOW) This workshop can be found in my Teachers Notebook shop.
 Anyway, the subject of having llamas and alpacas as pets, arose. And now we have a school wide, volunteered, fundraising, field trip to a local alpaca farm organized. Don’t you love how PTAs can get things handled?



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