Big, Bodacious Words


The idea came to me as I was stuck in sleet-induced, rush hour traffic, on my way to work. This is springtime in Colorado! Whilst pondering the question of how to improve the content of my young writers, I saw a bumper sticker with “supercalifragilistic….etc. ” and the idea was born.

Some choice words while sitting in traffic sprouted the idea.

Big, Bodacious Words in the Classroom.

The idea is to increase the vocabulary of the children and to bring their writing and reading skills to the next level by being able to use these words comfortably. By creating a safe zone for experimenting with these words, through their own personal journal,  and a central class word bank, I feel that this will enable greater use of “big” words and move away from the safe and “boring words such as “nice, good, bad “etc.
Through games, such as an adaptation of “The Minister’s Cat”, literacy centers and other fun, hands on activities the children are engaged in the subject and become motivated to use their Thesaurus and explore avenues within writing that will improve the content. This literacy packet “Big, Bodacious Words” can be found in both my TpT and Teachers Notebook stores.
Let me know if you have specific questions about this material.

~ Susan

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