A Strange Week…


Spring break ended with an Easter champagne celebration at home with the sun shining, my children hunting eggs and the thought of school a million miles from my mind.

Then Came Monday-

Monday brought the thunderous noise of monster construction machines as they tore down the walls of the school, right outside my classroom! The children and I watched in awe as the giant ball smashed into the wall next to us.

Tuesday brought the snake!

As a part of our current unit of inquiry focusing on interdependence within the rainforest ecosystem, one of my students asked if she could bring her pet snake today. Distracted, I agreed, until I turned around and lo and behold, THERE WAS THE SNAKE! A Mexican milk snake apparently.

Wednesday Was An Outdoor Day.

With the noise of jack-hammers reaching a deafening all time high, I decided to take our learning outside. The sun was shining and the playground was just calling out to be measured….to the nearest half meter.


Our inquiry into the rainforest ecosystem had us putting together terrariums in order to observe the effect rainfall has on the ecosystem. We had 4 different variables with four different terrariums. Already, we are beginning to see results. This lesson is within my complete, 6 week unit study “Sharing The Planet: The Rainforest – Focus on Interdependence.“, found in my TpT store and Teacher’s Notebook shop.


It was quite the scientific week altogether. Using magnifying glasses and microscopes, we looked at the structure of healthy leaves. Our experiment, designed to test the effects of sunlight on plants and their ability to produce their own food through photosynthesis, then involved taking one plant and putting in a dark cupboard, covering it also with black paper. The other plant was placed in a sunny spot in our room. As time progresses we shall be observing how the two plants fair and compare them to our individual hypotheses.

Friday also brought the weekend….. 🙂 Please let me know if you have any specific questions regrading this 6 week, trans-disciplinary unit of inquiry.

~ Susan

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