As a Scot living in the USA, I feel that I really should be allowed to be worshipped by my offspring on both the British Mother’s Day in March and the American Mother’s Day in May. Does it happen? No, at least not yet. Considering I have to remind them when exactly Mother’s Day is, doesn’t exactly look too promising for a double dose of worshipping. I remain hopeful however. It’s a long life. 🙂

My Plan for my Third Grade’s Mothers   

Being the mother of two children, a 14 year old and a 12 year, and a 2 year old Rottweiler, I am more than aware that chief cook and bottle washer are only two of my many roles in their upbringing. (Taxi driver is fast over taking everything else!) I am also acutely aware that the myriad of roles I play is, for the most part, taken for-granted by the aforementioned children….and the dog!

This brought me to the idea of creating an awareness within the kids in my class, for the many hats  that their mothers and special ladies in their lives wear, just for them. And, to show their appreciation, reward them with a beautiful Mother’s Day bonnet and very personal poetry. “My Mother’s Many Hats” is a literacy based unit that culminates in a personal letter written to the child’s mother, along with a beautiful poem modeled on the book,

“I Love You the Purplest “, by Barbara Joosse.  The craft activity is a fancy-nancy bonnet which I cannot take credit for. It is a fabulous idea that I found it on a parenting website some years ago. The rest is all my own work, as they say.

You can find this fun literacy packet in all of my stores, TpT and Teachers Notebook, together with my newest shop on TeacherLingo.com

Watch this space. I’ll update you on the progress of our poetry for Mother’s Day…..as soon as I get moved into my new, temporary, less-noisy classroom.


~ Susan

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