Using FREE Resources Created By Others

Who doesn’t like free? I have recently been on an obsessive hunt for quality,  free, educational resources for teachers to test out and promote right here.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a favorite website already used by many of us. Besides my own products which I both sell and give away to other teachers, there is a humongous selection of very well- priced and FREE materials .

This week I used a fantastic math product, created by Amy Lemons, found on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.It was very high quality material, a complete packet and best of all, it cost me nothing!! I was so impressed with Amy Lemon’s work, I used her lesson for my annual evaluation with my 3rd graders!! We reviewed proper fractions and focused largely on the correct use of the academic language of denominator  and  numerator. By planning the creation of individual pizzas, the children were thoroughly engaged. Always a good sign for a teacher!! The rigor was added with the addition of the plan, focusing on the correct writing of each fraction, together with some simplifying of fractions for those more able young mathematicians. Below you can see our finished product- YUM! They look so real!

You can check our Amy Lemons’ work in her blog . She really is an inspirational teacher.

For more fun and engaging ways to teach fractions to 3rd,4th and 5th grade, you may be interested in my Math Fun, Making Fractions Fun packet, Matching Fractions Game and Introducing Fractions with  A Giant Paper Chain. These can all be found in my TpT store. 

I’m looking for ideas from teachers for FREE products. What would you like to see, that I could create for you and others?  

Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best.


~ Susan

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