Maintaining My Sanity….and new Shoes!

Slow on the Uptake….

“Its Just Broke Miss!”

It is no news to those who know me that I can be a wee bit slow to move with some things. My management surrounding my classroom computers is definitely one of those things I admit to being slow with. 
The final straw came at the end of last week. Whether that was due to the fact that I really was over being interrupted with “very important” messages regrading our non-compliant computers or if I was just really, ready for Spring Break, remains to be seen. However, the last vitally important  interruption of ” its just broke Ms. Powers!” inspired my new computer passes. 

Nothing New…But Free for You.

Computer passes are not exactly a new, original idea. But they tend to work. And so, I created these to begin using on Monday, our first day back after Spring Break, and have put them on both stores for FREE. If, like me, you too are a slow learner with computer class management, please do download them now. If, however, you already have your stuff together with these things, then please feel free to save them for brand, shiny, new passes for the new school year. 


Since I’m on the subject of my weaknesses…..I just have to share my BEAUTIFUL new, work shoes!
TAH-DAH…..Totally impractical, utterly amazing! Yup, I do teach for 8 hours a day in high heeled stilettos. 🙂  
Catch up with you all soon!

~ Susan 

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