A Fabulous Find for Free Teaching Resources.

Teaching is my latest diamond I want to share. This website has amazing, FREE resources for teachers of all grades and levels. It is a website dedicated to sharing FREE materials amongst teachers, all for FREE. Did I mention that everything was FREE?

This site epitomises the quality of character within our profession, from a community of educators all over the world.  Check out their Facebook page too.

My Favourite Lesson of the Week.

This had to be our instructional writing workshop, without a doubt. Everyday, I laughed along with my 3rd graders as they learned about being specific when writing “How To” instructions. The use of transition words was the emphasis from an academic standpoint, with the culmination in a well-developed paragraph. But, how does a teacher not crack up with laughter, as she watches an 8 year old boy attempting to put on a pair of tights over his trousers?! Or witnessing the eye-opening realisation that our instructions are missing several key details when our victim…..I mean, PARTNER, gets a mouthful of toothpaste as they are directed how to brush their teeth…..and all around, kids are falling over in fits of laughter?!!
Yup, it was certainly a fun-filled writing workshop! Check it out in my Teacher’s Notebook shop.

I am on an obsessive hunt for all kinds of useful,user friendly tools for teachers. 




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