And So It Begins…..Welcome to Cool Teaching Tools

So I’m A Slow Learner

Well, at 43 years old and 20 something years past the internet boom, here I am. The creation of this blog has been in the making for decades in my head. The tool to put forth the message has been around for longer than my children have been alive and only now am I putting pen to paper, so to speak.

Better Late Than Never -Sharing the Love

The purpose of this  very over-due blog is to create a resource where teachers who love teaching can share their ideas, creations and experiences, in a united bid to make our already over-loaded lives, a wee bit easier and to add to the joy of our very varied jobs. 

My wish is to share my experiences from my classroom, together with the tools that I use, create, beg, borrow and buy. There are so many amazingly creative ideas out there that I have adapted and made them work for my students. I have a store on two incredible websites where teachers share their creations with others.Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers’ Notebook.
Besides my stores, there are literally thousands upon thousands of lesson plans, materials, ready-made resources and inspiration from other educators from all around the whole, for every single subject out there. Grab a coffee and set time aside before you check it out!! You’ll be amazed!
Please share your ideas, your experiences and your thoughts within this blog too.

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The First Freebie!

As I figure out how this whole thing works, I intend to post a page filled with FREEBIES. Tools, tried and tested from my classroom to yours, will be available to share for FREE, right here! 

Watch this space!


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